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Presanctified Liturgy


Join fellow parishioners for presentations after Wednesday Presanctified Liturgies during Lent, beginning Wed., March 1, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. (following a light Lenten dinner). We will be using the “GREAT LENT, by Rev. Alexander Schmemann, one of the greatest Orthodox theologians of he 20th century. It takes the reader through the journey to Pascha.


Like years past, we’re asking parishioners to present, and we’re doing it in teams this year. If you and a friend or two are willing to present a chapter, let Themis Fotieo know. We will have a few books for sale. However, you can easily purchase it online at St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press:  


Here are the subjects for each of the 6 weeks:




Wed., March 8, 2017:  Chapter One: PREPARATION FOR LENT

(1)   The Desire (Zacchaeus)

(2)   Humility (The Publican and the Pharisee)

(3)   Return from Exile (Prodigal Son)

(4)   The Last Judgment (Meat-Fare Sunday)

(5)   Forgiveness (Cheese-Fare Sunday)


Wed., March15, 2017:  Chapter Two: THE LENTEN WORSHIP

(1)   “Bright Sadness”

(2)   The Lenten Prayer of St. Ephrem the Syrian

(3)   The Holy Scriptures

(4)   The Triodion


Wed., March 22, 2017:  Chapter Three: THE LITURGY OF THE PRESANCTIFIED GIFTS

(1)   The Two Meanings of Communion

(2)   The Two Meanings of Fasting

(3)   The Evening Communion

(4)   The Order of the Service


Wed., March 29, 2017:  Chapter Four: THE LENTEN JOURNEY

(1)   The Beginning: The Great Canon

(2)   Saturdays of Lent

(3)   Sundays of Lent

(4)   Mid-Lent: The Holy Cross

(5)   On the Way to Bethany and Jerusalem


Wed., April 5, 2017:  Chapter Five: LENT IN OUR LIFE

(1)   “Taking it Seriously…”

(2)   Participation in the Lenten Services

(3)   “…But By Prayer and Fasting”

(4)   A Lenten “Style of Life