Members and visitors, welcome to our parish web site, a small expression of the otherworldly joy that comes from encountering God. “Christ himself is joy. He is a joy that transforms you into a different person. This is what our religion is” (St. Porphyrios). Orthodoxy holds, in all humility, that the fullness of joy as God intends is found in our ancient tradition, which maintains an unbroken chain to Christ and His apostles, and which traces its birth to the very beginning of time.

Above all, joy is grounded in worship of God, union with Him – the essence of what means to be human. Our worshiping community is English-oriented and highly diverse, consisting of Greek-Americans, converts, and several traditionally Orthodox ethnicities (including Romanian, Serbian, Eritrean, and Russian).

“Welcome one another, just as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God” (Rom. 15:7). While this web site shares content about our parish and Orthodoxy as a way of life, our prayerful hope is that you will join us in person.

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Learn about Orthodoxy
Learn about Orthodoxy

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Join us for Worship

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Parish News

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Ministries and Organizations

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Upcoming Services & Events 

May 16

8:15 amOrthros / Matins
9:30 amSunday of the Myrrh-Bearing Women: Divine Liturgy
11 amOutdoor Fellowship / Coffee hosted by YAL (following Liturgy)

May 17

6 pmParish Council Meeting

May 18

10 amSpiritual Study Group: Gospel of Mark (morning session)
11:30 amhttps://calendly.com/cancellations/FB34Z5FOKTEUQRT6
Reschedule: https://calendly.com/reschedulings/FB34Z5FOKTEUQRT6

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