Our Parish

The Beginnings

All Orthodox parishes in America have ethnic roots. Immigrants arrived from the ‘old country’ in search of a better life. Coming from Orthodox countries (e.g. Greece, Russia, Serbia, Romania, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia), in which faith was naturally mingled into culture and daily life, they established churches wherever they settled.

Our parish was founded in 1926 by Greek immigrants – a humble beginning.

A Growing Community

After first gathering in a residential home for worship, and after several moves throughout the years, Holy Trinity has been settled since 1976 in our current location: 330 Lakeside Drive NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546.

We’re located in a spacious area on the east side of Grand Rapids, not far from downtown yet in a residential neighborhood. Our beautiful sanctuary manifests the traditional Byzantine architecture of most Orthodox churches, with intentional, stylistic features that usher us into the reality of Heaven meeting earth.

By God’s grace, like many other Orthodox parishes in America, we’re growing. American Orthodoxy has progressed into its natural evangelistic ethos; we’re no longer ‘immigrant’ parishes. Our parish is comprised of converts (from other Christian backgrounds), catechumens preparing to be received into Orthodoxy, and faithful with roots in traditionally Orthodox countries (e.g. Greece, Romania, Serbia, Eritrea, Bulgaria).

We speak English; we worship in English. We’re a home for all who seek to love Christ, as expressed in Orthodoxy’s ancient, unbroken, living Tradition. It’s our joy to welcome you and have you with us.

Why do we exist? (Our Vision)

To experience and share Christ’s transformative love, joy, and peace, and thereby be united with God and one another.

What do we do? (Our Mission)

Learning through spiritual education; doing through worship engagement; leading through discipleship.